Solo: A Siiick Wars Story

     I'm still watching you Birdo--
After some very concerning posts, Classic Chess, I decided to actually make quality content...  I think. Now I know that some of you (Burak) are still checking my blog every day to see if I ever do something new. Well, first I changed my name to WakandaWare Gold. Then I dyed my hair blue (for Ninja's death). And finally, I deleted my unnecessary posts Classic Chess. But now, I am actually going to make something that M.I.T. might approve of. (Unlike Classic Chess)

Is It Okay? Or is it ok. 

     Solo was strange. Now I don't mean the strange like the prequel strange. I mean the type of movie and what it is in general. Now that doesn't mean I don't like it, even though it may not stack up as high as Rogue One or other modern Star Wars movies. In fact, it can mean a good thing. But, in this case, I'm not sure. I enjoyed the movie, it was fun. But without any surprises or things to be excited to find out about (for example, Rey's parents), I really am not sure where to put this one.


     Now don't get mad at me if you think it should go higher, because this is about the highest it can get from my point of view. One part of the reason is that there are no memorable tracks from this film. The only one that slightly stood out to me was the Enfy's Nest Theme. And that only barely stood out.

Cowboy or Rebel?

     Surprisingly, this movie actually was a very unique film. It actually felt quite like a western film. But of course, there was also a mix of the action-packed Star Wars I came to love. Plus it has Han's complete backstory before A New Hope. I watched it twice, and there wasn't a single thing missing. But that is part of the problem. There was only what we wanted, so it wasn't a very risky and surprising Star Wars film. But now that doesn't mean I don't like it. If I still haven't given you enough things that I like about the film then read the next part.

This is the Star Wars film with the most and best action sequences.

     Yep, I said that. I especially loved the end sequence when...

  Spoilers Ahead!

     Han lies to Dryden Vos and a lot of stuff happens. I also like the twist at the end how Q'ira betrays the rest of the kool kid squad and how she actually works for Darth Maul. I bet that that is a breadcrumb to something. They wouldn't just make her work for him for no reason. 

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