Solo: A Siiick Wars Story

I'm still watching you Birdo--
After some very concerning posts, Classic Chess, I decided to actually make quality content...  I think. Now I know that some of you (Burak) are still checking my blog every day to see if I ever do something new. Well, first I changed my name to WakandaWare Gold. Then I dyed my hair blue (for Ninja's death). And finally, I deleted my unnecessary posts Classic Chess. But now, I am actually going to make something that M.I.T. might approve of. (Unlike Classic Chess)

Is It Okay? Or is it ok.
     Solo was strange. Now I don't mean the strange like the prequel strange. I mean the type of movie and what it is in general. Now that doesn't mean I don't like it, even though it may not stack up as high as Rogue One or other modern Star Wars movies. In fact, it can mean a good thing. But, in this case, I'm not sure. I enjoyed the movie, it was fun. But without any surprises or things to be excited to find out about (for example, Rey'…

Splatoon 2 | Bad internet, Bad experience

You all heard of splatoon, right. Everyone has been talking about it. Little hate it, because the people who hate it are Call of Duty people and say Nintendo is childish. But luckily, people have stopped the Fortnite trend, and now we are moving on to this, whatever this is: Squid, Japan,...
SODA BOTTLES? (I am not kidding, that is one of the things you can use in the game) Well...  whoever thought of that?!

Endless Creativity
Splatoon is famous for its originality.  Seriously. 
When you first play it, you are amazed by how random it is. You think to yourself, Nintendo is out of their minds! Until you get farther into the game. Later, you start to see how creative the game could get. Creative tools, creative ways of doing something, and creative visuals. Wait, I forgot something, creative puns! (That was a joke, the puns are dumb, why do they exist.) I could tell how squid are related to ink, because they squirt out ink, but how are squid related to human? I forgot to mention one more…

I hate you Birdo

Birdo, yeah!
Birdo, YEAH!

   Stop it fans. What is the big deal about Birdo? He/She is not that cool! Maybe the boss or whatever is unique, and the way Nintendo supports him/her is cool, but the name! Birdo, or whatever. It doesn't look like a bird to me. Also, it looks like an alien. Why is Yoshi teamed up with Birdo in Double Dash?? 


Go Zelda!!

Super Mario Odyssey just came out and everyone went wild. Especially Mario fans. Nobody thought that a new 3D Mario game would be the next best Mario game for 2 reasons. First of all, 3D World and 3D Land did not hit the target. They were phenomenal games, but they won’t be on top.
Second, nothing can beat Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64. They are the best! It turns out, it was the best Mario game. But, those people all have the same question: Is SMO the best game of all time? (SMO stands for Super Mario Odyssey.) They are not sure thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (LOZ: BOTW ) and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (LOZ: OT). People don’t know if SMO is best, or LOZ: BOTW and LOZ: OT are the best. Now, that is an obvious answer for me because I am the biggest Zelda fan. But maybe not for you. Here's why Zelda is better than Mario.
As you all know, Zelda games are hard. Maybe not Dark Souls hard but is still very hard. That is a great thi…

My Waluigi is too precious.

Wow! I published 3 posts in just one day. So, we went to Barnes and Noble and found a Waluigi plush. So we bought it. It is amazing!
So I decided to treat my Wa like a pet. I feed it, sleep with it, and poop with it. Can't you see how beautiful its ugly face looks. Its legs are so big. Wow... (winks.) Waluigi is such a great name.
 I love how his teeth take up his whole face.

                              Dear Reggie Phesomae (Nintendo of America president),

Dank u fer my Wa! Keep making such quality toys.

Onur Baran

My Waluigi is way too precious.
BYYYYYYYYyyYYYyeeeeeEEEEeE333333EE!!!, and

Top 10 Zelda Games

Ugh! I nearly died from Mr.Crabs' memes. Luckily, I escaped his claw. I used to be sooo into memes. But now, I am so into LOZ. By the way, Nintendo, why did you name it "The Legend of Zelda"?? Now people think Link is Zelda. Also, I made my own Google Classroom a month ago, here is my code: go6ei7  . One more thing before I start my list,, and

               10: Hyrule Warriors

              It is an amazing game with unique combat. It is a game of combos. You are trying to make all areas green. How do you make an area green? By killing all the the enemies in that area. There are a bunch of enemies coming at you. You need to kill every single enemy and boss before all areas turn red. It is hard not to die because of all the bosses and enemies. But, luckily you have teammates beside you. I would rate it 85/100. Did I mention that this game is coming to the switch??!
9: The Legend of Zeld…

SPOILER ALERT!! The Last Jedi review

                 The Last Jedi came out and it was crazy awesome. It was full of unexpected twists and turns. Like, you think someone is done for, but then the Wii Channel music plays and they are saved. The story is amazing. That is why it is the best movie ever. I rate the story 98/100. The Canto Bight scenes weren't perfect though.  Character's Personality
Luke rejects Rey and says he wants the Jedi to end. His way of thinking continues throughout the story. Luke is grumpy and is not like he used to be. The creators did a great job with the character's personalities. Also, the acting is phenomenal. Great job Disney. It is 100/100. Everything seems so real!

      Most opinions shared are not accurate to my thoughts and feelings. These opinions are Big Shaq's opinions, not mine. So, letze go! 1: The gravity makes no sense. My response: No, you make no sense. Next time, you should think of magnets. 2: There are too many people gambling at Canto Bight. My respo…